You too can be part of the excitement on Tuesday nite.  They are having a viewing party for the finale of the Voice at Proctors.  Great idea! 

According to the Times Union,  you can watch Sawyer Fredericks possibly win on the big screen in the capital District at Proctors.

It's going to happen on Tuesday nite at the GE Theatre, which is great room and  a more intimate setting.  The show starts at 8PM and you can stay all the way til the end of the broadcast -11PM.

What's also a cool idea is the life-size Sawyer on hand so you can stand there and get a photo taken "with him".

Getty Images

Boy, the hype around this kid is just growing and growing.  We're all very excited for him here, and I'm sure we're not alone.

On a personal note, I try to put myself mentally in his shoes.  I hope he's able to handle all of this and keep a level head, no matter what happens. I'm sure he also has to realize that it actually doesn't matter if he ends up in  first place or not.  His name is out there, and I'm sure he's going to be signed by someone huge!

Regardless - best of the BEST of luck, Sawyer!  We'll be cheering for you over here at the radio ranch