A few weeks back, my son, Ryan, traveled with me to the Taste of Country Music Festival to do some "catching up" with Walker Hayes. He came up with all of the questions himself and asked just about everything. Watch the full video interview. We wanted to do a little different type of interview with Walker Hayes when he was in town. I spoke with Walker's manager and asked if he would mind if my eight-year-old threw the football around with him and did a little interview. Walker, who misses his kids while he's on the road, couldn't wait.

Walker Hayes catch

Ryan was preparing the whole way down to Hunter Mountain. He was running his questions by us. He said he would ask him about his favorite ice cream, baseball team, his awesome song, Beckett, and other things that 2nd graders want to know.

They spent some time just talking with each other while they had a catch with the football outside Walker Hayes' tour bus. Then they grabbed the mics and Ryan interviewed him. Special thanks to Walker and his management team for being so awesome, patient and accommodating.

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