Ever wanted to own a mansion but they're just too expensive? If you don't mind moving a bit north to Warren County, one may have just fallen into your lap. You can now own a piece of history.

The current owners of the Dunn Family Mansion have done most of the work but you do need to add a bit of TLC to make this seven bedroom and three full bathroom space feel like home, according to the Times Union.

Think of it this way: for the price of a regular-sized house, you can own your very own 16 acre mansion. The Times Union describes the current state by saying that "The main house is stripped to the studs but the original molding, windows, doors, flooring and staircases are intact." You can also utilize the carriage house in back that is move-in ready while you work on your brand new mansion.

Though the house is stripped, based on some of the pictures they posted, you have a lot of space to work with and the mansion as quite the potential. You can see what the previous owners did with the house through the current listing. If you like the area, the adjacent lots are also currently for sale.

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