If you shopped your little heart out on Amazon.com like I did this Christmas season, you might want to be aware of this possible scam.

It comes in the form of an email "from Amazon" that says, “your order cannot be shipped” and to continue, they'll want you to confirm your information. This could possibly be the scam.

According to the Better Business Bureau:

The landing page looks really good. It could easily fool you. The page wants your full name and address. But worse, it wants your credit card information including your CVV, your three digit security code on the back.

The scammers are so good, the next page is the real Amazon.com. So, you need to know the tip-offs:


Subject line: Your Amazon.com order cannot be shipped


Check the sender’s name. Usually it’s a company versus Amazon.

Never, never, never click the link that is provided in an email. Always go to the website directly.

Whatever you do, do not click any link in an email like this. And please be careful with this type of scam both in your email and on the telephone! Do not give your information freely to anyone unless you can confirm that you're speaking with the secure company directly.

Check out this video to see more about the scam: