It's the season of giving, but beware, there is a gift exchange scam that is circulating through Facebook. Here's what you need to know so you don't fall for it. I feel like we have seen this one before. It's known as the "Secret Sister" scam where you are part of a gift exchange on Facebook. According to News 10 ABC, Police are warning Facebook users to beware of it resurfacing.

It is sort of a pyramid type scheme where someone will post on Facebook asking you to buy a gift of ten dollars or more. Then you are asked to add your name to a list. The scam continues by saying that if you do so, you will receive thirty six gifts in return.

I remember a few years ago this was going around social media where people were tagging their friends and buying bottles of wine. This one has to do with money and both of them are pyramid schemes.

The difference with this one is that it is highly illegal because you are supposed to mail your gifts to the people participating. The United States Postal Service lists pyramid schemes as fraud and illegal. The other factor is that your address and information is listed for all to see.

Bottom line. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IN A GIFT EXCHANGE ON FACEBOOK. Most likely you are being scammed and your personal information is being compromised.

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