If you have an infant and you use a certain sleeper, you are being warned. Many parents say that these seats are unsafe, however there has been no recall issued. Officials from the Consumer Product Safety Commission are warning parents about the Fisher Price Rock 'n Play sleeper. According to News 10 ABC, the fabric cradle on the metal stand that is used to sooth the baby to sleep may be dangerous.

This warning comes after there have been ten infant deaths reported. However there is no recall in place. These deaths date back four years when the infants rolled from their backs onto their stomachs. Fisher-Price said that parents should always use the sleeper's harness to secure the babies.

The babies that died in the sleeper were three months or older. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is telling parents to stop using the Rock 'n Play once their child is three months old or starts rolling over. Also, if the infant is in an inclined position in the sleeper they must always be in restraints.

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