Fall is officially here, but with temperatures hitting 90 this weekend, farmers say the apple crops are at risk. Most people want to go apple picking the first weekend of fall, but are complaining that the weather is too warm to be in the orchards. Well if you feel too warm picking apples, the apples feel the same way.

The heat causes the apples to ripen faster. Farmers say they can't control the weather and whatever temperatures they get, they have to deal with. Warmer temperatures speed up the process a week to ten days.

If you are apple picking this weekend, you will notice a lot more red apples on the ground than usual. They are too ripe to stay on the trees because of the high heat. But they say that there are still plenty of apples that you can pick.

It should still be a great season for a couple of my favorite activities in the fall, apple picking and eating cider donuts.

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