There's always been something fascinating about archaeology for me, blame Indiana Jones. I've always wanted to dig up dinosaur bones or something from history and now there's a chance locally!

DigVentures is a company out of the United Kingdom that provides crowdfunded archaeology projects around the world, according to New York Upstate, and they're in the Capital Region.

Currently, DigVentures is excavating ruins in New Lebanon at Mount Lebanon Shaker Village, about 120 miles southeast of Albany. Mount Lebanon Shaker Village used to be the center of the Shaker World in the United States, according to World Monuments Fund, so I'm sure there are some interesting things to find in this dig.

You don't need any experience to dig, trained archaeologists are on staff to help, you just have to make a donation via DigVentures to be a part of it. There are various levels of donations involving a digital dig, a chocolate artifact, jewelry, as well as the opportunity to dig for up to two weeks or work in the lab.

The excavation started last Tuesday, May 22nd and will continue through Sunday, June 3.

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