Get ready because Walmart is upping the savings this Saturday on everything you would need for your baby. There are some details you need to know before you go. Walmart had already started their Baby Savings 2019 sale online February 2nd that runs through February 28th. But they are also having a one day sale that you can save a lot more on all things baby in store.

According to, the in-store Baby Savings Day at Walmart will be this Saturday (February 23rd) from 10:30am until 4:30pm. Walmart is discounting everything your baby and you would need from cribs to monitors to strollers and even breast pumps.

There has been some confusion around the Walmart Baby Savings Day. There has been some confusion as to which Walmart stores are participating. I reached out to see which Capital Region stores are participating. I got a hold of only one. That was the Latham Walmart and the customer service representative said that they were having the Baby Savings Day this Saturday.

I encourage you call your local Walmart or stop in and ask if they are one of the participating stores. To find a Walmart near you, click HERE.

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