Over the weekend, while we were celebrating veterans, Governor Cuomo was thinking of passing bills that affect some of them. One of which allows veterans who suffers from PTSD the ability to get medical marijuana.

I'm not a veteran and don't suffer from PTSD so I feel like I don't have the right to say whether or not this is a good idea. On Saturday, New York became the 28th state to allow people with PTSD to access medical marijuana, according to New York Upstate. The bill goes into effect immediately and states that PTSD is added to the "qualifying conditions patients must have to access medical marijuana."

The governor's office has guessed that this bill will affect about 19,000 patients. Though it's aimed primarily at veterans, it also affects police officers, firefighters, and survivors of domestic and other violence.

Governor Cuomo also signed in 4 other bills over the weekend. He approved waiving certain fees for veterans, to honor them at the State Capitol, as well as providing veterans who also work for the state paid leave as well as counseling and doctor's appointments.

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