I came across an article recently that featured a bunch of funny, clever, witty, and (slightly) offensive rejected NY vanity plates.  Turns out, people will go to great lengths to hide or mask their profanity by using backwards lettering and nondescript phrasing on their custom license plates in an attempt to sneak one past the DMV. Here are a few customized ideas (not on the rejected list) that only Capital Region residents would understand.

According to the report by the Times Union, over a thousand vanity license plates were rejected by the New York DMV.  If you're unsure whether or not your idea would be deemed offensive or inappropriate, click here.

In the meantime, here's my list of local vanity plates that local residents might get, and only we would understand:

EZST8JOB  We all know that one person who has had that cushy state job for 28 years, 4 years of vacation time banked up, and can retire at age 49.
BRANDME  Perhaps a shout-out to Keith Raniere or possibly someone who only label shops.  You be the judge.
PLOWMYST  If you're from Schenectady, this may be the only way to get snow removal after you get dumped on again.
SSSECRTS  Two water canons....no dress code!  I'm there
GNG2RVRS  I'd wager that if I was behind someone in traffic in the Schenectady area,  my mom and dad would be in the car with this license plate.
2LIPQWN  A lifetime of glory comes with the annual coronation of the Albany Tulip Queen.  Slap this on your Barbie Mobile and strut your stuff.
H8NRTHWY  Stuck in traffic, every dayummmm day on 87?  Let those behind you know how you really feel.
IUSEEXT3  I mean, how many of us have waited a lifetime for Exit 3. Now you can brag to other locals about how happy you are to use the brand new Exit 3.
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