If you missed Pet Connection on the Sean and Bethany Show, here is another chance for you to take a look at a couple of great pets up for adoption.

Pet Connection
Pet Connection

Vanilla ( 13 Week Old Male) and Onyx (12 Week Old Male) chihuahua mixes.  As you might remember about 4 weeks ago Tanya was on Pet Connection.  She is the Mom of Vanilla and Allie was Onyxs mom.  Happily we can report they both found their forever homes.  So now we are looking for  forever homes for Vanilla and Onyx.  

They are your typical puppies....teething on everything, getting into everything and playing with everything.   But who doesn't love that puppy breathe!!! They get along with other dogs and cats.  Because of their activity level we suggest older children with them. 

If you are interested in these cuties please contact, contact Free to be me Rescue at 518-956-1805.

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