A Tannersville woman recently received a little something extra from her subscription food service.

Jeanine Mulholland of Tannersville received her box of snacks, with a little something extra: a bag of weed! According to CBS 6, Mulholland recently received an order of snacks from Graze and with the box of snacks was some bagged up marijuana. She immediately reported the incident to the New York State Police who are investigating how the marijuana got there.

The CBS 6 story says the snack company looked into the issue on their end, and security footage showed no one with Graze tampered with the package. So somewhere between Graze shipping the package and Mulholland picking it up at her local post office, someone had to add the extra delivery.

It is comforting in this instance that no one at the snack company tampered with the delivery, but a little disconcerting somewhere along the way someone tampered with someone's food. As the CBS 6 story states, some safer tamper proof packaging is probably the solution to keep this type of thing from happening with online food deliveries.

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