Accidental Weed Delivery to Valatie Woman [Watch]
Product tester Pamela Parks from Valatie got the surprise of her life in the mail the other day! Parks has a blog, MarksvilleandMe.com, where she tests, reviews and evaluates various products and posts about them on social media.
Usually she gets kitchen gadgets, knives, car accessories, family-…
1,000 Ways to Die in Albany: Backwoods Beheading
Okay Capital Region outdoor folk, don't say we didn't warn you. As the weather gets a little warmer and we start to enjoy the outside activities be sure to take some extra caution in the Albany County forests. Although reports are low, there are cases of booby traps found to harm huma…
Obama Pot Poll Results
Interesting poll results to this question: Should President Obama have said straight out that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol?   I thought I would publish the results so far for all to see as we speak.
Ben and Jerry’s Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado
Marijuana became legal for recreational purposes on January 1, 2014 in Colorado, making it the second state, behind Washington, in the nation.  Ben & Jerry's responded with a witty tweet -
The Daily Current, a satire website like theonion.com...