Albany-Based LLC Claims $7M Prize

The odds of winning are about 1 in 22 million, but back on August 14th, one lucky person nailed all 6 numbers to win $1000 Dollars a Day in the CASH4LIFE drawing from the New York Lottery.

While the person(s) who claimed the massive jackpot prize was able to remain "relatively" anonymous, according to the New York Lottery it was claimed by an Albany-based LLC.

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Winner Formed an LLC

According to the New York Lottery, "an Albany-based winner formed Pinkey Esmond Limited Liability Company (LLC) to claim a $1,000 a Day for Life prize by matching all six numbers drawn in the Aug. 14 CASH4LIFE drawing."

The winning numbers back on August 14th were: 13 27 28 52 59 and the Cash Ball was 01. According to the NY Lottery, the odds of winning the grand prize were 1 in nearly 22 million for the ticket purchased at Church Blue Sky Deli located at 2021 Church Ave. in Brooklyn.

Lump Sum or 365k a Year?

According to the NY Lottery, grand prize winners in CASH4LIFE have the option of being $365K  a year for life $365,000 per year or, take a one-time lump sum payment at the election of the winner. The amount of the lump sum payment is equal to the estimated cash required to purchase the annuity.

The unknown winner opted to receive the cash value of the annuitized prize resulting in a single, one-time payment of $4,285,683 to their LLC. A CASH4LIFE top prize guarantees a minimum payout of $7,000,000.

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