It's a headline that probably makes you say 'Why not me?'That was my first thought when I read the story that a Poughkeepsie couple won $10 Million with ONE scratch off ticket. I know, crazy, right?

But that is just what happened to a Poughkeepsie couple when they purchased a $30 '$10,000,000 Cash' ticket at a Stewart's shop. That was a life changing decision: it is the largest scratch off ticket win in NY State lottery history!

Imagine how you would react if you won $10 mill off a scratchie? I flip out when I win $10. I would probably lose my mind if i won $10 million. But I would probably also never buy a $30 scratch off. The odds are just too low, right? says The NY Lottery will present the winning couple with a giant check this Thursday, March 9th. With that many zeros, it needs to be giant!

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