Keep your eyes on the road, you never what you might see. But even though New York is made up of over 18 million acres of forest, you'll probably never experience something like this!

Interesting wildlife encounters on roads throughout Upstate New York may not be too unusual, but an animal an Upstate New York man and his wife recently saw, sure was.

Explore the Adirondacks enough,  you'll see your fair share of deer, possibly a bear, maybe even a moose.  Head down toward the Catskills and you may see some bald eagles or a bobcat.

Dan Burkholder and his wife were traveling in Palenville, NY - about 45 miles south of Albany last January when they saw a furry, white object scurrying along the road they were on.

According to Burkholder's Facebook post, his "$14 dollar dashboard camera" caught a  rare, albino fox on video.  While Burkholder's video produces evidence of the cool encounter, the real thrill for him and his wife came during the moment when the animal came into focus. "The sighting gave Jill and me a sense of wonder at the way natural beauty can suddenly surprise and delight," he wrote on his page.

So, how rare is it to see an albino fox?

According to sources, an encounter with an albino fox is very rare.  The snowy white fur coat makes them easy prey for predators, so survival in the wild can be tricky.  Some wildlife experts will say that it happens only "once in every hundred thousand births. Others claim it is even rarer—one in a million."

Here's the video of Burkholder's unlikely encounter with the snow-coated critter.

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