As we continue to deal with the highest gas prices in years, here is where to fill up this week to keep some cash in your pocket.

Everything in New York was pretty expensive before the pandemic. Over the last year or so it has just gotten worse. We are paying more than ever for the basics: more money spent at the supermarket, and a lot more money spent at the gas pump. According to Gas Buddy Upstate New York does have some of the more expensive gas prices in the nation averaging about $3.40 to $3.59 a gallon. Ouch!!

The Capital Region Station's With the Cheapest Gas

Now this will not erase the huge burden we are feeling when we fill up, gas price spotters across the region can help you hold on to some of your money by keeping you informed of the cheapest gas stations in the Capital Region via Gas Buddy.

Since Gas Buddy does source their prices from spotters all over the area, this list can change daily! In this week's update, there are some new spots in Ballston Spa, Averill Park, and Niskayuna to go with gas stations in the Troy, Rotterdam, and Schenectady areas.

See The 10 Cheapest Gas Stations In The Capital Region

AS we head into the New Year, gas prices are finally going down. Here are the 10 Capital Region gas stations with the lowest prices for a gallon or regular gas as of Wednesday, December 29, 2021, according to Gas Buddy. These prices are a moving target so keep checking Gas Buddy for updates.

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