This afternoon Colonie Police have provided an update on their investigation of a suspicious package found at Shaker High School Monday.

Here's what the press release says -

The Colonie Police Department has identified and interviewed the subject who left the package at the main entrance of Shaker High School. The subject, whose identity is not being released, is a former Latham, NY resident who currently lives out of the area. The package and its contents were evaluated by Colonie Police Forensic Investigators with the assistance of the New York State Police. The package contents included a book and a glass jar with hand-written notes and a digital flash-drive. The flash-drive was determined to contain digital copies of additional handwritten notes. The book and the enclosed written documents were religious in nature and contained no threats. All of these items were wrapped in a black plastic packaging material. It has been determined that the subject intended to provide the religious material to the school’s administrators, and in an effort to protect the documents, he inadvertently gave the package the suspicious appearance. Based upon both the interview of the subject and the evaluation of package contents, it has been determined that there was no threat of harm or intent to cause alarm to the Shaker High School students, faculty and staff. There will not be any criminal charges; however, the subject has been banned from returning to North Colonie School Property.

Monday North Colonie School were delayed for 2 hours do the the package.  Parents have since been concerned as to what was in the package that was found at the High School campus.

According to the press release, students in the district are in no danger regarding the package.

Photo by Robert Benson, Getty Images