Do you remember a few weeks ago, there was a story where a man had his car broken into and, among other things, the thief stole his father's urn? Now, there's an update.

I first wrote about this story a few weeks ago. Schenectady resident Michael Cranker woke up one morning to find that his car had been broken into, his stuff thrown down his street, and his father's urn (that he always carried around with him) was missing. CBS 6 is now reporting that this once hopeless story now has a happy ending.

Cranker had started to come to terms with the fact that he'd never see his father's urn ever again. Since it was only something that had worth to him, he assumed the thief would have just thrown it out and all hope was lost, until he got a phone call from Ellis Hospital on Friday morning.

Ellis Hospital called to tell him that they had an unusual object in their safety and security department and someone had remembered seeing the story on the news and wanted to know if Cranker wanted to take a look. Hospital spokesman Philip Schwartz said for patient confidentiality reasons, they can't say how the urn ended up in their position but are just happy it's been returned to its rightful owner.

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