You hope if you end up getting robbed, they take money or electronics but a local man had something stolen from his car so irreplaceable that he needs your help to find it.

I can't believe someone would do something like this, especially in my neighborhood! CBS 6 is reporting that Schenectady resident Michael Cranker needs help in finding something incredibly important to him - his father's ashes.

When Cranker's father passed about two years ago from Lung Cancer, he and each of his siblings got an urn with some of their father's ashes inside. Cranker said that he always keeps his father with him, he feels safer, and now, the urn is gone.

Surveillance video from Cranker's house shows someone breaking into his vehicle and stealing a black box out of a bookbag from the front seat of the unlocked truck. They found the bag not too far away on Lexington Avenue but the urn was gone. The person took some winning scratch-offs, a pocket watch, and an old phone, threw everything else down the street just after 1:00am on Monday.

Cranker filed a report with the Schenectady Police Department but is hoping for information from anyone to just get his father's ashes back. I have no idea what the person thinks they're going to do with the urn, or maybe they were unsure about what it was exactly but if you know anything, please tell the Schenectady Police Department. A part of his man's heart was stolen from him, he deserves to have it back.

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