(Updated January 30, 2013 at 10:20 p.m.) One person has some serious injuries, but they’re not life threatening, from an explosion at building 12 of the New York State campus. Another person also had some minor injuries. In an updated story from News 10 ABC, both people were sent to Albany Medical Center.

It was reported that the explosion was from a Halon tank that was being removed from the building. Halon is a liquified compressed gas that has been commonly used to stop the spread of fire. There’s still an investigation about why the explosion happened.


There are reports of some sort of an explosion at a building at the New York State Campus in Albany



According to a story on News 10 ABC, it’s at building 12, and someone has been sent to the hospital. No one is sure if there are any other injuries, or how much damage was caused by the explosion.

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