It's always very nice to get little gifts from "fans".  Whether it be something you make, or something you buy, it's always very much appreciated.  Of course, some are more unique than others!I'll give you a recent example.  Sean really likes classic country artist John Anderson.  Some fan actually sent him a John Anderson album from the '80's.  Now that's unique.  An album!  Something you don't see alot anymore.  He was thrilled to get this by the way.

This made me curious about gifts that are just a big stranger, and I found one.


The great Dolly Parton received something she'll never forget from a diehard follower once .  You're not going to believe this, but according to,  something was left on her doorstep.


Yes, you guessed it - an actual living, breathing BABY!   According to the article:

We came home one day and there was a baby in a box at our gate with a note in it,” Parton explains. “The note said, 'My name is Jolene, my momma has left me here and she wants you to have me'. Of course, we all freaked out! It wasn't like it was a kitten or a puppy dog. It was a baby named Jolene!"

This of course is a reference to one of her greatest hits.  I guess she called social services immediately to place little "Jolene".  Makes you wonder what ever happened to her?  But I guess that's for another blog on another day.

Be that as it may - congratulations to Sean for his gifts, and condolences to Dolly!