There are so many deals to talk about this week! Under $1 Deals, promotions starting, promotions ending…so many deals to take advantage of!

I am very excited to talk about this OYNO (on your next order) promotion.  Nothing motivates me to stock up more than these catalinas!  This week, Price Chopper is offering over $70 worth of Catalinas, and paired with coupons, there are some great deals to stock up on!  Pepsi 24 packs for only $4.65 each after catalana!  Here’s how that will break down:  Buy 3 @$7.99 = $23.97 – Get $10 back!  Also stock up on Keebler Crackers, Chex Mix, Hershey’s Candy, Solo Cups and so many more deals!

Under $1 stock up deals include: Yoplait Greek Yogurt for $.20, Dunkin Hines Cake Mix $.30, Heluva Good Cheese $.38, Birds Eye Veggies $.50, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese for $.99!  Remember, you can freeze the block cheese for up to 2 months!!

LIVE!  Magazine came in the mail this week!  If you are not on the mailing list, you need to call Price Chopper to get on it and request a copy!  There are GREAT coupons in this magazine, including $2/15 in Produce, $2/10 in Deli Meat, $2/20 in Price Chopper products and too many more to list!  These are all store coupons so you can pair them with a manufacturer coupon to save even more!  There are some great produce deals this week to take advantage of and use the $2 off coupon!

Proctor and Gamble promotion: Buy $30 worth of Products and get a $10 gift card! This is a great time to stock up on Cover Girl Make up which is 25% off and Olay products which are 20% off.  There are coupons to match with this deal making it even better! Click on the Printable shopping list below for all the details!

Bonus Coupons!!  If you want to print them before you go, or you don’t want to cut up your flyer, you can print them here!  Make sure you fill the grill tank and save $3 this week!

Baby Club reminder – Spend $100 on Diapers/wipes and get a $20 Gift Certificate!  This promotion ends on 5/18.  Check your receipt to see where you are.  Don’t waste this deal!  There are tons of Huggies/Pampers coupons out there and the store brand diapers are on sale as well!  Once you reach $100, take your receipt to Customer Service to get your Gift Card!

For all the details on these deals and more, click on the printable shopping list below.

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Happy Shopping!