With spring comes spring cleaning, so now is a good time to muster up the will to go outside and clean out your gutters.

Many people do not think of their gutters when they think of spring cleaning, but the effects of a blocked gutter can be damaging and ultimately more costly.

Here are some things that could happen if your gutter remains cluttered:

Matt Cardy, Getty Images.

1. A family of squirrels could move in: If you do not have a gutter guard, squirrels can climb right in and a make a nice little nest out of all of the things that accumulate in there. Squirrels can be cute but not when they are living in your gutters and causing problems.

2. Overflows: The five baseballs that either your kid or the neighborhood kid lost in there over the years could cause a mess. Baseballs will certainly not help in the draining process and could lead to your gutters overflowing and ruining your yard.

3. Rot: Plain and simple, when gutters do not bring the water away from your home, it sits against it. This added moisture against your home can cause rotted wood and other problems.

4. Foundation Issues: When water is allowed to pool around your home it seeps into the soil directly around your foundation. That softened soil can cause foundation cracks and the matter only gets worse when the water freezes and the cracks get bigger.

If cleaning out gutters is not your thing look into getting some gutter guards that keep the bad stuff out. Huff ‘N Puff, of Schenectady, can help you out with all your glass, door, and gutter needs. Give them a call at 1-800-349-9430 or visit them online here.