Tax season is a drag, but the good news is that after completing the paperwork, chances are you have a nice chunk of change coming your way.

With that tax refund money why not spruce up your house? I mean, home improvement will last longer than a shopping spree and will even put money back into your home... if done right.

Here are three options to make the best out of your tax refund money.

1. Build a Bay Window

Bring the outside a little closer with a window that projects into your yard. They allow for ample sunlight and can even be made into nice window seats. How great would it be to look out upon your yard from a quaint and comfortable book nook?

2. Create a Skylight in your Living Room

Sky lights are great for getting more light into a space and they provide a different view of the outdoors. Sit back and watch the clouds go by overhead, or let some extra sunshine in your space.

3. Add Sliding Glass Doors

Take your deck door and elevate it to the next level by transforming it into a sliding door. Sliding doors allow for more light to be brought into a room and in warmer months, they are great to use with the built-in screen. You can even bid on replacement glass doors in our Seize the Deal auction next week, as well as other home improvement projects.

Huff 'N Puff, of Schenectady, can help you out with all your glass, door, and gutter needs. Give them a call at 1-800-349-9430 or visit them online here.

Window by Huff 'N Puff