Today is tax deadline day, and Uncle Sam stopped by the GNA Studio with a very important tax tip. Plus, we have some other helpful last minute pointers for you.

If you are wrapping up your taxes today, take this advice from Uncle Sam:

All kidding aside, if you are wrapping up your taxes today, you may be a little stressed. Thankfully, Forbes does have 10 things not to do on tax day for last minute filers. Yes, paying your taxes is one of their tips. Some other important ones:

If you are mailing your return, don't forget to sign it.

  • Don't lie on your return.
  • Don't call the IRS. You won't get through.
  • Don't panic - you'll get through this!

Happy tax filing this year. I hope you get a ton of money back, If you are, don't forget to change those exemptions with your employer! Why let Uncle Sam hold on to money all year that could be in your bank account!

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