Amidst all the memorials and memories for the 15th anniversary of 9/11, Uncle Sam celebrates his 250th birthday on Tuesday.

Many know but often forget that the origins of Uncle Sam actually originated in Troy. A man whose face is a unforgettable symbol of the United States. This year he was honored at his resting place in Oakwood Cemetary in Troy with a gun salute a wreath and taps.

“I would imagine that being the 250th year of birthday celebration of Uncle Sam Wilson that it would draw some extra people,” said Bill Atchinson of Veterans of Lansingburgh.

Every year a wreath is laid at his grave but this year a combination of things caused a much larger ceremony. One being that for the first time in a long time a Uncle Sam parade wasn't held in Lansingburgh. Something had to be done, so the Lansingburgh Veterans did more than just the salute but also held a party and fireworks display as well.

Samuel Wilson's actual birthday is on Tuesday, September 13th will be his 250th. And with that we cannot forget his memory of the memories of the thousands lost on this day 15 years ago in New York City.




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