Now I don't throw the word heaven around lightly (at least with craft beer), but when you have 100+ tasty beers at your disposal, I'd say heaven is the right word!

I'm gonna be completely honest here. I love craft beer to death but sometimes it can get a bit expensive. Am I right? Problem avoided. For 3 hours you may sample some pretty sweet brews at a price that is easy to spend at your favorite beverage store. We are talking low low pricing. $35.

Let me put it this way, $35 can get you into an event catered to your taste buds. It can get you into a sampling session of more than 100 brewski's. For 3 hours you may sample as few or as many of these as you wish. You don't like the beer you have been served? Maybe not your style? No worries, it isn't like you just hit up a bar and dropped a ten spot on it.

You of course could spry for the VIP treatment. Its called the VIP Hoppy Hour. I kind of like the subtle craft enthusiast speak in that. VIP's get another hour of sampling. Good deal if you ask me. Either way for the price of either standard admission or VIP you cant go wrong.

It is gonna be a fun time in downtown Troy and the historic allure it adds September 17th. I'm a Troy-Boy anyway, not adding bias to this by saying that. Think about it, think about devoting 3 hours on your day off to try some new drinks. I still will always say, if you say you don't like IPA's it is because you haven't found one you do yet.

This is the chance to find your new favorite. New go to at the beverage store. Troy On Tap is gonna be fun as hell and I hope to see ya there. You don't even have to buy me a drink!

If you are curious what you may try or exact details on the event as well as tickets (BTW tickets increase in price at the door so you can save some dough), hit up the link below!


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