Tax day is less than a week away, so to get you all warmed up, here are some fun, or not-so-fun facts about tax day from our friends at

  • 30.5 Minutes: Wait time for calls to the IRS in 2015.
  • 62%: Of calls went unanswered in 2015.
  • 6.1 Billion Hours: Time it takes Americans to do their taxes each year (16 hours per person).
  • 35%: Of taxpayers would rather discuss sex with their kids than do their taxes.
  • 27%: Of Americans would get an IRS tattoo to avoid taxes for life.
  • 700%+: Increase in tax-related identity theft cases since 2010.
  • 23%: Decrease in IRS enforcement staff since 2010.
  • 4,107: The number of changes to the tax code since 2004.
  • $.35: The cost to the IRS to collect $100.
  • 60%: The percentage of people who will hire a professional to do their taxes.
  • 11%: The percentage of people who say they'd clean the toilets at Chipotle in order to get out of doing taxes!
  • 70%: The percentage of people who will get a refund.
  • $2,945: The average tax refund.

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Happy filing!

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