Firefighters were called to Destiny USA Mall in Syracuse to rescue a child stuck in a claw machine. How could this happen? We have all had those moments like when my son was a small child, we were in the mall and when we were leaving a store I lost track of him for a split second. As I turned back to find him, there he was, standing in the store display window as still as a mannequin. I'm not sure how I would handle it if he was stuck inside a claw machine.

That is exactly what happened yesterday to a little girl at Destiny USA in Syracuse. A 1 year old girl named Alivia was trapped inside of one of those claw games where you try to grab a prize and pull it out. It's hard to believe but here is how it happened.

Get our free mobile app reports that the family was at Billy Beez in the Destiny USA mall and the next thing they knew their child was a prize! Apparently 3 year old Kali, the older of the two girls, held the hatch door open for her younger cousin Alivia. That is all it took as Alivia climbed inside to see what she could get.

That is when Kali realized that Alivia, also known as 'Tinky', was stuck inside and went to get help. Members of the Syracuse fire department were able to free the child from the machine unharmed. This all sounds like a lot to have happened to a family but in reality 'Tinky' was in the machine for only a few minutes.

This may be the first time I can confirm that anything has been retrieved from a claw machine. I have seen them. I have tried them. I have walked away empty handed every time. I am sure Tinky's family is happy to not to walk away empty handed.

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