Around 7:15pm Monday evening, sirens roared through Clifton Park to attend a fire that started at Camp Bow Wow, a doggy daycare facility. Thankfully, the daycare had yet to open and was vacant of animals at the time of the blaze. Instead the building had been in its final stages of construction with a September Grand Opening date ahead.

Due to the construction process and the building being vacant of any occupants there was not an alarm system installed yet. So by the time the fire was called in, it was due to patrons at Peddlers, across the street who saw flames shooting from the roof of the building.

Investigators are currently unsure what caused the fire and will be returning to the scene this morning to continue their investigation. Art Hunsinger, 1st Assistant Chief of the Clifton Park Halfmoon Fire Department spoke with WTEN and explained that, "a lot of materials are raw and not even covered ...wood roofs...trusts and everything so whatever got it going it was going good."

Camp Bow Wow in Albany has put up a post for anyone who does have more information to contact them:

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