A teen from Fort Ann is in some hot water after he was accused of stealing gasoline.

Pumping Gasoline
Pumping Gasoline (Photo By Dan Kitwood - Getty Images News)

An investigation that was conducted by The Washington County Sheriff’s Department after they received reports about a suspected gas thief at the West Fort Ann Fire Company.

That investigation led to the arrest 19-year-old Shane Stoddard. He allegedly stole more than $3,000 dollars worth of gasoline from the fire department, where he used to be a member of. Stoddard is facing a charge of Grand Larceny. It is believed that the gas was allegedly stolen over time by Stoddard while he was still a member of the fire department.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department charged Stoddard for the alleged gas theft, yesterday, and gave him a court appearance ticket with a scheduled court date of July 15. That’s when he will be answering about the charges in  to Fort Ann Town Court.

According to the story from News 10 ABC, The District Attorney's office is now involved, and Stoddard may be facing more charges. This case may going to the Grand Jury.

Stoddard was previously in trouble with the law in December, according to the article in The Post Star. He allegedly went to the Fort Ann Highway Department and stole a snow plow.

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