Do you like "Two and a Half Men"?  I think it's hysterical (even though I don't think it should be on at 7:30 at nite, but that's for another article).    It was more hysterical with Charlie, I will admit, but it's still pretty darn funny.  But it looks like another change is coming

Jon Cryer Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

There he is - the slimmer, trimmer Angus T. Jones.  He's all grown up now and has decided not to be a regular net season, according to Entertainment Weekly.

You might remember his protest about the show, calling the content "filth".  (At times I think he is right given the time that they air the show in this market).

I wonder who will replace him, if anyone?  You get so accustomed to the dynamic on that show between all of the cast members.  It's gonna be a tough adjustment for the listeners, to be sure.

I will leave you with their very catchy theme song.  I hope they don't change THAT!




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