Kudos to the Albany Police for their continued efforts to crack down on this ongoing problem, but this is exactly the type of thing that scares you if you live in the city of Albany, Schenectady, or Troy where illegal ATV's and dirt bikes are are everywhere on busy city streets.

Last week I wrote how I've seen firsthand these large packs of illegal bikes taking over the streets, sometimes even the sidewalks and how it's only a matter of time before someone gets rammed and suffers serious injuries. 

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The riders on these illegal bikes have zero regard for pedestrians, let alone the law and will do whatever it takes to avoid being caught even if it means injuring someone.  The Albany Police have been doing a really good job making it a priority to go after these guys, and this week were able to confiscate at least three of them.

But it appears that it came at the expense of two officers being injured in the process.

According a release from the Albany Police Department, on two separate occasions this week injuries were sustained by cops.  The release stated, "officers were able to stop two men who were parked on the side of the road with their dirt bikes. As officers were speaking with the two men, one of the men started his dirt bike and attempted to flee, striking an Albany police officer in the leg. That man then got off his dirt bike, ran and got onto the back of another bike and fled. Another officer nearby sustained an injury to his leg."

According to the release, both men were cited and their dirt bikes were subsequently seized by officers and towed.  As far as the injured officers, they were taken to the hospital and treated for their injuries.

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