My Fine Arts degree can finally come to some serious use!

It's the new fad that, honestly, I've been pretty much a non-stop fan of since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Lets be serious, who doesn't want to hold onto any little bit of childhood they can?! It also turns out that coloring has been proven to be an amazing stress reliever. It's no wonder that the Adult Coloring Book fad has completely taken off over the last year or so.

Now, take that fad and combine it with your social media usage and bam! The next fad that's sure to make your world a little more colorful! has created a way for you to take your amazing, professional photographer-like quality images that you've splattered all over your IG account and turn them into your very own adult coloring book.

You can do one page for $5.00, or a book of 5/$25.00 - which could be a cool, different gift for someone you love. For more information head to

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