If you have allergies, this may not be the place for you to hang out. It's a trend all over the world and now, we'll have our own right here in the Capital Region.

It was just announced yesterday by the Times Union that one of the newest trendy places to hang out will be coming to Troy - a cat cafe. The project, called Meong Cat Lounge, is planning on opening in the spring at 348 Second St. in South Troy. The cats will be from partner shelters and rescue organizations which means you'll probably also have the ability to adopt them as well.

The goal is a co-working space where people will just have a place to enjoy the company of cats. There will be a separate room for food, beverages, and of course, cat related products to buy. Their hope is to eventually work with area restaurants to expand the restaurant section.


The concept is said to have started in Taiwan but has grown globally with places I personally saw in Japan and a few I'm aware of as close as New York City. I didn't experience a cat cafe, but I did see a hedgehog cafe in Tokyo and though it may sound silly, taking a few moments out of your day to snuggle with an animal may be what we all need to decompress after work.

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