Happy snow days are here again! We received a little taste of the white stuff over the weekend and with more expected in the next few days, it's officially sledding season.  Bundle up, and find a new gem of a place to go sledding in the Capital Region.

When we were kids, there was nothing better than a snow day.  Remember listening to the radio or watching the TV school closings and waiting for your school to get announced alphabetically?? The suspense was killer! Once we finally got the word, we packed up the cheap plastic sleds (the crappy ones that rolled up and you could never really get them fully flat) and headed over to our favorite spot to race down a hill of snow or ice.  Sometimes it was our driveway, sometimes it was Westland Hills or Albany Municipal Golf Course.  We stayed until our feet were frozen and we couldn't feel our face and had the times of our lives. Mom was always ready with hot soup and grilled cheese when we finally got home.  Whether you live in Albany, Saratoga, Troy, Clifton Park or Schenectady, there are hills aplenty.  Times may have changed a bit; nowadays getting a text from school saying whether or not they have school, but the feelings remain the same. Have fun!



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