The following is truly a coveted award given to roads in the Capital Region who have made this esteemed pothole list.  (I probably could have gotten a company that does front end alignments to sponsor this, but I decided not to) 

I put out the question on Facebook and got many frustrated responses from people.  You could just FEEL the anger emanating from my screen as I read their submissions

Here seemed to be the most flagrant offenders of the "smooth road" rule, in no particular order


Google Earth

Although  You can see some of the patchwork in this particular photo from Google earth, but according to one Facebooker,  it still needs a hell of a lot of work.  Next..


Google Earth

If you look to the left of this picture, you can see examples right in front of you!  I definitely agree.  I think I lost two fillings driving up this road in the dead of winter once!  Good call!


google earth

LOOK.  THERE'S ONE UP AHEAD.  It looks like they filled it, but from what I understand, it's a drop in the bucket (or in this case, hole)


google earth

The road hear looks pretty good, but Michele Miller has reported that there are some that are like craters, so be warned.


google earth

They're trying to fix it one fissure at a time, but Robin Rothschild says from Albany to Delmar it can best be described as "bump, bump, bump"

I know I missed a lot. There were many more examples. Let's pray to the Gods of blacktop to come and solve these problems before all of us lose our tires and our minds!

This subject actually prompted me to write a song a few years back, in case you want comic relief.