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It's impossible not to root for this guy.  A morbidly obese Albany man named Larry was featured this week on an episode of the popular TLC TV show My 600-lb Life.

Now in its 10th season, the show chronicles the weight loss and life struggles associated with certain individuals who face the life or death reality of their morbid obesity.

In the 80 minute episode which aired Wednesday on TLC, we meet 45-year-old Larry Myers from Albany.  Myers' story is centered around survival as he is seeking a  second weight loss surgery in Houston and is basically all about survival at this point.

In the episode, Larry shares traumatic details from a horrifying past that includes the accidental death of his nephew - also named Larry- at the hands of his sister.

Adding to his already traumatic past, Myers explained that he would eventually lose his sister, followed by the death of his mother.

At one point, it's believed that Myers weighed as much as 940 pounds and after his initial gastric bypass surgery he was able to get down to under 400 pounds but we see that he has unfortunately put most of that weight back on.

Facing imminent death if he doesn't get down to a more manageable weight, Myers needs his doctors to approve a second weight loss surgery in Houston, and he appears to be making strides toward that.

Larry gets to work...

We see Myers working out inside a Capital Region gym, and we also hear the determination in his voice when he talks about making the trek to Houston for the life-changing surgery.

For more on Larry Myers' journey and to see some before and after photos from his initial surgery, click here.

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