Do you have your phone number anywhere on Facebook.  Bad idea.  Very bad.  Here's why.

I was reading this article on It's very informative, yet disturbing at the same time.  It's all about the personal details that you freely put on Facebook and other social media outlets.

According to what they say, an experienced hacker could EASILY take information from you if you make your phone number "non-private" - in other words PUBLIC.

facebook logo

There is a security loophole here that could leave several of you vulnerable, like 1.44 billion  of you!

DON'T LINK YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO YOUR PROFILE! (Sorry, I'm yelling, but it's really important, peeps.

You can also change your settings to "Friends Only" - this way hackers and other nefarious folks can't end up tracing you back to your Facebook page to snoop around.

You can't be too careful these days.  Don't think you're being paranoid or anything.  The way things are going, you can't be paranoid enough, I guess.   (What a world!)


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