Have you heard of this "Throwback Thursday"? I guess it was started on Twitter I believe and has since moved onto Facebook as well. It's a simple Idea really, people put up old pictures of themselves and label l them "Throwback Thursday" and use the hash tag, #TBT.

Well I would like to take it to a new level. Instead of boring old photos of the very dorky Sean McMaster from his past, I am going to use Throwback Thursday to bring us all back to my favorite memories of childhood. Perhaps there are a few of you about my age, who will also find some nostalgia in the things I remember with fondness.

Now this idea really started because I was just in the break room getting coffee and for some reason started to sing this song. After trying to explain it to one of my younger co-workers who thought I was crazy, or making it up I decided to just post it in hopes that there are actually others who remember fondly Steve Martin, the Wild and Crazy Guy.

SO here is my first installment for Throwback Thursday . It comes to us from 1979 when the mummy of King Tut was actually doing a "tour" of the United States and people were really standing in lines around the blocks of museums to see the exhibit. (you may also note the cameo of the "Fonz"



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