One of my favorite things about thanksgiving is watching football with my friends and family. I'll start by saying I have NO problem with Detroit and Dallas always being on Thanksgiving because I love tradition and now that Detroit is good I am even more excited for today's games.

Fox network has the first game live from Ford Field at 12:30 the Detroit Lions host Aaron Rodgers and the undefeated Green Bay Packers. This should be a awesome game! Two high powered offenses battle it out with plenty of stars on both teams defenses as well. Fun fact, this scenario has happened before. In 1962 a undefeated Green Bay team lost to the Lions 26-14 in Tiger Stadium. That being said I do not expect history to repeat itself. As good as Matthew Stafford has been he's no Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is putting together the greatest season of any quarterback in history. I think you'll see more of the same today. I think this game will be close but the Pack stays unbeaten.

The second game is on CBS and looks lopsided but has potential! The Miami Dolphins started the season as one of the worst teams I've ever seen but now are playing to try and save Coach Tony Sparano's job. The Dallas Cowboys will host the fish and have had weeks where they look like world beaters and weeks where I think me and a few drunks cute take them down. I really don't think Miami will win this game but this could be a hard fought battle that Dallas will feel lucky to win.

The NFL Network is host to the game I've been waiting to see since The 49ers hired Jim Harbaugh! It's the "Harbaugh Bowl" When Jim leads his San Fransisco 49ers against his older brother Jon Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens. Jim was one of my favorite college quarterbacks at Michigan and was fantastic as the Head Coach for Stanford. Meanwhile Jon has been awesome in Baltimore making the Ravens a perennial powerhouse in a super tough AFC north. Jim and the 49ers are a instant success together with the second best record in the NFC at 9-1 only trailing Green Bay at 10-0. I think 49 year Jon will take the home win tonight over 47 year old Jim. The Ravens play up to the level of their competition so Ravens win the first ever "Harbaugh Bowl".