You know the expression "they just don't make things like they used to." Well, it also seems to apply to people. I wonder if you could think of any doctor or even any professional service provider who would not only do something so selfless but take the time send a letter explaining it.

I saw this picture of a letter written by a Dr. H.G. Henry M.D. written in 1947 on a friend's Facebook wall. My friend, Mary Grand, had found an old letter written to her mother from the Germantown physician. On her post of the picture Mary wrote:

..My dearest Mom was having health issues in 1947, still caring for six of us 'kids'...

Now remember the dollar amounts do not seem to be that big of a deal here but in 1947, I can assure you it wasn't a small sum.

Mary Grand Facebook Page
Mary Grand Facebook Page


When I asked Mary if I could share this photo online she said she would LOVE it if the good doctor has any family left in the area if they could see what a great man he was. I agree.

It is in the simplest of kindnesses that the true nature of character can be found.

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