We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Granger Smith before his show at Upstate Concert Hall on Friday. He was letting us know about his new obsession so I had to try it and now I'm obsessed too.

I know a good amount of my family history. I'm lucky that the majority of them live in this area and my Mom has stayed pretty close to her extended family and I see her cousins at least once a year. Facebook, Instagram, and social media have helped too. After talking to Granger Smith, I want to know more.

Granger told Chrissy & I how he signed up for Ancestry.com and just can't stop looking. What I thought took him 3 weeks to find, he found in 24 hours. He warned us, once you start, you're not going to be able to stop digging. Well, Granger, I started, and thankfully the free trial is only 14 days long so I have an endpoint but it's probably going to be my main focus for two weeks.

What he learned was incredibly fascinating! He had a show in Rochester coming up and mentioned that in just a few short hours, he knew he had family buried out there. Who knew Granger was a New Yorker, he sure didn't!

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