There is a new program that has been developed that donates new and used ski goggles to help protect healthcare workers fighting the coronavirus. Here's how you can help. A program called Goggles For Docs is an effort to make sure that our healthcare workers across the country have eye protection while fighting the coronavirus.

According to News 10 ABC, skiers, and snowboarders have found new ways to help medical professionals on the front lines. It was the brainchild of Jon Schaefer, the owner of Berkshire and Catamount ski areas. Now it has over one thousand volunteers throughout twenty states.

On their website,, it gives you a comprehensive look at where goggles are needed. It also tells you how to donate by either shipping them directly to the hospitals in need or there are drop off sites too. If you can, they prefer you to mail them directly to get to those who need them faster.

So far the program has been able to donate over twelve thousand new and used ski goggles to doctors and nurses treating COVID 19 patients. If you check out the website, you can see that each state needs different amounts. For instance, New York needs 105 pairs.

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