This Is Us has quickly become a lot of peoples favorite television show and with the Milo Ventimiglia aka "Jack" has become the hottie that all the ladies wish they had a piece of. He tends to do that to the ladies no matter what show he's on! I mean, look at that face!

With today being Throwback Thursday and This Is Us currently being on a break, it makes perfect sense that in order to get out Milo fix, we have to throw it back a little. Whether with episodes of the first season of This Is Us or other projects he's worked on.

One of my personal favorites you really can't find anywhere any more and it's sad really because Boston Public was such a great, well written show. David E. Kelley was the Shonda Rhimes of the late 90's early 2000's with successful shows like Ally McBeal and The Practice.

When I came across this 4-part YouTube series of videos (though, part 2 is missing) it made me wish that Boston Public would get itself on dvd asap! Hope you enjoy it!

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