I'll tell you how.  It's hysterical, and worth every single click.  This girl, Johanna, from wherever almost broke the internet.  Scroll below to see how

There's nothing cuter than attending a little kid's "show and tell" or assembly program.  I remember them well.  There was one time where Ben brought his dirtbike into school and gave a demo.  Funniest thing ever.  Well, almost.  This IS the funniest ever!  It got 35 million views, so SOMEONE thinks it's hysterical.  It's 3 little kids acting out "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.   Here's a YouTube video from ABC

I absolutely love that.  Her expressions are priceless, aren't they? Now I'm supposed to finish this blog with something very clever, but I have nothing.  The video says it all, now doesn't it?

Ok, here's how I'll fill this out.  I found THIS 6 year old doing his version of "Gangnam Style", by PSY.  Now he's just as talented but only got a little over 1300 views.  Life is unfair

I'm sure there's many more talented kids out there.  (I probably have opened up a can of worms here!)



























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