We had a discussion about this very subject this morning.  I had no chair when I came in. A new employee from another studio ripped it off. I was PISSED (not really, but it made for a good bit and conversation about respect in the workplace.  How is it where YOU work?

It's actually really good here.  I don't feel disrespected, but I feel for people who do. The New York Times had a really good article about how to handle it if you are.

I feel the best way to handle something like that is to have a sense of humor and not let it get to you.

Case in point- it brings to mind this CLASSIC Johnny Carson clip.  Johnny took time off, and when he came back, he sat at his desk and found that his favorite cigarette box was broken (yes, smoking was more accepted back then! )  Who broke it?  Everyone's  favorite insult comic -Don Rickles.  Look what happened next.  This is classic.

So I guess the bottom line is not to take yourself too seriously, because God knows nobody else does! 

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