I love video games and with the addition of virtual reality, you can honestly do anything with some sort of controller. Not only does it surprise me that there's a video game for this, but then we had to prove the real thing is harder.

You can travel in a video game, play instruments you otherwise can't, but apparently technology is so amazing you can even milk a cow. Vermont Dairy Farmers from Woodstock, VT don't want you to think that just because you can milk a cow virtually, means you can beat someone who can do it in real life.

According to News10ABC, the Billings Farm & Museum challenged Nintendo to a milk-off. The dairy farm, which has about 30 milking Jersey cows, competed with gamers via the Nintendo Switch cow milking mini-game to see who was better.

Steve Baccon

Though the gamers admitted if it came down to real cow milking, they wouldn't have a chance, the Post Star reported that the farmers did end up losing the virtual challenge to the professional gamers.

I haven't personally played the game but to lose a video game for something that you do every day seems absurd (and actually pretty funny). It would be like me losing a video game for driving for someone who has never been behind the wheel. Possible, yes, but incredible to think about. Also, we're really excited about a video game about milking cows? What's next? A video game where we raise a child? eat? pull weeds constantly? It's strange to think that some people's every day life end up becoming and experience people can buy online, right? Would you be interested in this game?

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